Flora bulgarica has been the first of this kind interactive compact disk on the Bulgarian Flora.
It has been the most comprehensive electronic issue, connected with the wildlife of Bulgaria.
  Flora bulgarica has been developed by the Foundation Bulgarian-Swiss Biodiversity Conservation Programme, with the financial support of Pro Natura - Switzerland and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.  
You can review Flora bulgarica in details by clicking on the buttons in the left side of the screen or by a flash simulation from the main menu.
    Flora bulgarica has included all the 3,850 species of Bulgarian plants represented by rich and comprehensive information on each of them.
Bulgarian trivial names
Latin scientific names
English trivial names
Distribution in Bulgaria
Blossoming period
Nature conservation status
Bulgarian endemic species
Balkan endemic species
Medicinal plants
Poisonous plants
      Flora bulgarica has been supplied with an enormous collection of high quality color pictures - 3,787 images of 1,678 species. A large part of these could be used for identifying of the plants.  
      The information included in the Flora bulgarica has been systematized and organized in a way allowing the quick and easy access to it. The data are accessible through intuitive and user-friendly instruments.  

The version 2.02 of the Flora bulgarica bulgarica has been substantially enriched and improved in comparison to the previous versions of the compact disk.
New plant species have been added and the information on them has been updated and enriched.
The product's interface has been substantially improved, by introducing new methods for searching for information, sorting by categories, etc. Some 1,500 new color pictures of plants have also been included.

      Hence, the version 2. 01 of the Flora bulgarica possesses qualities, which make it a valuable tool for both the professional botanists with the precision and comprehensiveness of the data included, and for the beginning amateurs with its intuitive navigation and the user friendly design.  
You can review Flora bulgarica in details by clicking on the buttons in the left side of the screen or by a flash simulation from the main menu.

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Flora bulgarica
It has been created under Macromedia Director and its use does not require the installing of additional software on your computer.
Minimum system requirements
Pentium 166 MHz;
32 MB RAM;
8x CD ROM;
Color Display (16 bit ) Screen resolution 800X600;
Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP
What you should do is just place the CD into your CD ROM device and the programme will start automatically.
If the auto-run on your function CD ROM has been desactivated, run the file FloraBG.exe