The window of the range of Distribution of the species shows the distribution by the floral regions (which have been shown on a map), as well as by altitude.


The altitudinal range in which the species occurs has been shown by marks on the scale.
The distribution by regions is indicated by darkening of the respective region.
They are as follows: (with the red numbers on the map)
  1. The Danubian Plane
2. The Northeastern Bulgaria
3. The Pre-Balkan (West)
4. The Pre-Balkan (East)
5. Stara Planina (West)
6. Stara Planina (Central)
7. Stara Planina (East)
8. Sredna Gora (West)
9. Sredna Gora (East)
10. The Znepolski region
11. The western border mountains
12. The Sofia region
13. The Vitosha
14. The Rila
15. The Pirin (North)
16. The Pirin (South)
17. The Belasitsa
18. The Slavyanka
19. The Struma (North)
20. The Struma (South)
21. The Mesta River valley
22. The Rhodopes (West)
23. The Rhodopes (Central)
24. The Rhodopes (East)
25. The Thracian Plane
26. The Tundja Plane
27. The Strandja
28. The Black Sea (North)
29. The Black Sea (South)
  The same list you can view by clicking the help button in the window.  

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