The window with information on the species represents the basic data on the species included in the Flora bulgarica.

The button for viewing the pictures becomes active when there are more than one pictures of the individual plant; by clicking it you can view all the pictures.
When the mouse pointer is on the picture it turns into a magnifying glass symbol, and by clicking on this you go to the pictures viewing window.
The Flora bulgarica includes 3,787 pictures of 1,678 species. If there is no picture for some of the species the window remains empty.
The fields containing the trivial English names and the synonyms may have more than one name in each. A sign for this is a small triangle, by clicking on it you can view the other names.
The characteristics of the species have brighter color, which is an indication that the species belongs to the respective category.
The blossoming months are given by numbers and are colored in green.
The icon with the small map of Bulgaria shows the distribution by floral regions and by clicking on it you go to the window with the distribution of the species.

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1. Latin name of the species
2. Button for viewing the pictures
3. Picture of the species
4. Button for choice by Characteristics
5. Button for selection by Names
6. Exit button
7. Family of the species (in Latin)
8. Trivial English name
9. Synonyms
11. Indicates that the field contains more than one name
12. Characteristics of the selected species
13. Blossoming months of the species
14. Range of distribution of the species
15. Shows the previously selected species
16. Shows the next of the selected species
17. Help button