The Status window allows for selection of the species by different indicators.

To select the required status characteristics, you should choose the respective icons (being selected they are marked by a red contour) and to confirm the choice by clicking the Characteristics button.
The selection shall include all the species, which are included in least one of the chosen categories.
If you wish to change the selection, you should first click on the Clear button, and then make a new choice.

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1. Button for clearing of the selection made
2. Button for going back to the Characteristics window
3. Exit button
4. Selects the medicinal plants
5. Selects the poisonous plants
6. Selects the Balkan endemic species
7. Selects the Bulgarian endemic species
8. Selects species protected according to the Bern Convention
9. Selects the legally protected species
10. Help button
11. 12.13 Select the species listed ion the Bulgaria's Red Data Book by categories:
11. Rare species
12. Species threatened by extinction
13. Extinct species