The initial windows of Flora bulgarica allow you to choose the language (Bulgarian or English), as well as to obtain information on the Bulgarian flora and the authors of the CD.

The window Characteristics is the main entry to the Flora bulgarica. In it you could choose the individual plant or group of plants on the basis of different characteristics or a combination of characteristics.

A click on the button Complete list the complete list of the species, with their Latin names, sorted in alphabetical order comes out, disregarding the fact that no selection was made.
Clicking the button Choose list of the latin names of the species, meeting all the criteria of the individual selections (making a section), sorted by alphabetical order comes out. In case that no selection was made (indicator for the selection made is the appearance of a pointer) a warning message comes out.
Hence, for example, if you choose a given altitude- 2000 m; blossoming period - June; listed in the Bulgaria's Red Data Book and distributed in the Northern Pirin, by clicking the button Choose, the programme will only choose the species, meeting all the four criteria, and not only some of them.

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1. Button for going back to the initial window
2. Button for selection on the basis of the names of the species
3. Selection by elevation
4. Selection by blossoming period
5. Selection by different characteristics and conservation status
6. Selection by geographic range of distribution
7. Exit button
8. Button for choosing of the selection made
9. Button for the complete list of the species
10. Button for clearing the selection made
11. Pointer of the selection made
12. Help button